Maria Menounos Reveals Weight-loss Tips: How She Lost 40 Pounds

Kobe Bryant Looking out for Pau Gasol by Suggesting Weight Loss

You’ll find yourself eating a little less if you’re drinking hot water.” 3. Throw out the junk. Maria keeps her fridge garcinia cambogia reviews stocked with lots of leafy green vegetables and Greek yogurt. She doesn’t keep unhealthy foods around her home to avoid temptation.
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Maria Menounos credits a healthy diet and rigorous workouts for her 40-pound weight loss.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne, team brass is weighing the option of putting Gasol on the block ahead of February’s trade deadline. While some blame for these struggles can be laid on a mild sprain in Gasols right ankle, head coach Mike DAntoni acknowledged that his Lakersspecifically Gasolmust improve their efforts when it comes to protecting the rim. Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports “In the paint, we’re awful and we’ve got to get tougher,” DAntoni said before a Tuesday, Dec. 10 game against the Phoenix Suns , per Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times. “If we want to be a good team and if we want to get better, then that’s definitely a point of emphasis.” DAntoni went on to acknowledge that his veteran forward must be more aggressive and Bryant needs to get up to a great level before L.A. can start winning games.
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